Updates on Simin’s social network

Hello everybody,
This is the updated version of the networking web that I share with Simin Wang:

Simin and my overlapping network of friends

For more information about the social networking project that I’m working on, check out the tabs above the site page!


4 thoughts on “Updates on Simin’s social network

  1. see jie yi! i realised simin is one of my friend’s friend. i was browsing through my friend’s photo album on facebook and i saw simin’s face! hahaha wow wow wow!

    1. Ahhh… so it happens that she is your 3rd degree ‘friend’?
      Let see:
      Me –> Simin –> Jia Min –> Joce
      Am i right to say that?

  2. Shani the principal, keep a look out for more stories that will be featured on this blog! If you know of anyone, tell me about it!

    BTW, you should check out those tabs on top of the website. They will explain more about this social networking project!

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