Heather Gray: Up and about

Heather inside our room

Passion and commitment.

Those are the two words that struck me hard whenever I think of Heather, who is my current room mate.

I’ve always had room mates. Back home, it was my sister; when I went to college, I had four previous ones, Heather’s my number five room mate. I’ve always had this theory for roommates, that they are rather special people because they get to see the private side of you – times where you don’t wear your makeup, wear your sloppiest pyjamas and forget to put on your best behavior. Room mates remember how you look like in your PJs, not in your best LBD.

Honestly speaking, I rarely see Heather beyond the confines of our room. Even back in our room, we would usually spend more time in front of our laptops, rushing through our avalanche of assignments rather than chit-chatting in front of a cup of coffee. (Oh, did I mention we’re both journalism school students?) Yet, as we share a common living space, I start to learn about the little nuances of her living habits. She likes eating banana with JIf peanut butter, her favorite position to work on her assignments is under her duvet and she loves wearing her caps.

Heather's little cards and notes that are on stuck on the noticeboard

As I write this post, I have not seen Heather for the past 36 hours because she’s been out and about for the past weekend getting involved in all kinds of activities. On Friday, she was with her church friends for a women’s retreat till Saturday. After which, she went out with her friends to participate in the overnight Relay For Life event. And on Sunday, she will most likely be zonked out and be asleep. Work will then resume on Monday.

I was talking to her during the last week about her upcoming whirlwind weekend. Apart from being slightly worried about about how she would keep herself awake, she never complained about anything else in particular. She was in fact, far more excited about being part of these activities and to be with her friends. That’s Heather for you – enjoying everything that she’s part of.

She epitomizes the very hardworking American college student who needs to slowly pay off the gargantuan debts that she would be incurring for her four-year education. She has a regular weekday job on campus and works on a couple of part-time jobs. Practicality aside, she’s also very active in two other college organizations and also her church group.

As all these activities fill up her weekly timetable, she finds immense satisfaction from them. They joy that she draws from each of them could be explained through her attitude towards baking. She loves cooking, not because she likes eating the food she cooks, but because she likes to savor the moment where people she cared for enjoys the food that she prepared.

Picture frame of the biblical quote on the window sill beside Heather's desk
If the way in which a person designs her room could convey a million words about her character, our room is filled with nothing, but the positive vibes about life. There are huge motivation posters on the walls down to the little cards that her friends gave her pinned to the notice board. God also plays a big part in guiding her life. His presence could be felt everywhere in the room and perhaps also deep down inside her.

This is one of the biblical quotes that stands nicely framed on the window sill beside her (refer to picture above):

Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. [Proverbs 31:30]

Perhaps the Lord is her well of strength, giving her every reason to live life to the fullest.

Ending off with a random note, who says you need to talk endlessly to know your room mate well?


10 thoughts on “Heather Gray: Up and about

  1. Lovely post~ prbly the sweetiest i’ve ever read abt roommie^^ Honey, you have the ability of exhibiting the wonderful qualities of people in an honest and cute way~ btw, I love the detailed description abt her walls~ and the color of the wall too=)

  2. Very interesting way of looking at the “roommate” concept. I haven’t had such luck with roommates. I find that the longer I spend time living with a person who isn’t already my good friend, the more I find things not to like about them. Living with boys can be so scary, and gross. I want an apartment.

  3. oh… you just remind me of many good memories, think i’ve got used to your freaking keyborad typing rate, and felt a little sad when it’s too quiet in the room… also missing Li xin so much…
    it’s true, roommate is such a complicated word, full of emotions…

    Enjoy your spring break!!! btw, i’ll go to sichuan this easter, with my dad and mom….

    1. Oh man, I wanna meet your parents! Like the way you always speak to them in Shanghainese. I wanna learn how to speak Shanghainese too!

  4. I think your room mate sounds like a good girl, literally a pleasant and hardworking girl. Well at least I am not your worst room mate ever.
    Hmm this line “Ending off with a random note, who says you need to talk endlessly to know your room mate well?” reminds me of a sentence that Dr Henry Lee once said. The best place to know about someone is through their dustbin, for that’s the remnants of their daily life.

    1. I like the dustbin part but I don’t spend all my time peeping into what Heather throws away. That sounds quite… freaky

  5. TRUE! Roommates are those know you in depth via the mutual daily lives. I treasure every of my roommate as well. It’s particularly sad when one separates from their roommate, but the bond they build upon allows them to be familiarized with each other once they meet again. It’s all attributed to the power of trust and understanding.

    1. Oh come one, how can I be as hot as Carrie. Do tell me when you’re going back to Beijing! I wanna visit you!

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