Gabrielle Sayle: Surf and sweat

The week before spring break, Gabbi has 4 tests/obstacles to clear.
This post will be just in time for spring break because it’ll be all about beaches and Gabbi.

Gabbi is Simin’s roommate and she has redefined my understanding of what spring break really means for American girls.

Into the first few weeks of school, she suddenly declared that she would be going on a diet to shed off the pounds that she had gained for Christmas. At that time, she was already planning to go to Florida for the spring break this year. So step one was to slim down.

She heads down to the gym almost every day of the week with a well-calibrated workout schedule that was supposed to not only help her lose weight, but also tone different parts of her body. She has been doing this for the past two months as part of her daily routine, rain or shine.

On top of that, she follows a very strict diet regime, calculating the calories of almost all her food intake. She would read the nutrition labels behind the food she buys and compute the numbers into the online calorie calculator before each meal.

A week before the trip, she goes to the tanning center every day. Because she has a much lighter skin tone, she says a basic amount of tanning is needed to act as a base layer to prevent her from being sun burnt when she goes under direct sunlight in Florida. Plus, who doesn’t like a sun-kissed skin for summer?

These are Gabbi's new bikinis for this spring. She loves the bright pink one which I commented was WAYYYY too loud!
And not to forget, Gabbi’s wardrobe also has new bikinis and beach wear that she had just bought in her latest shopping haul.

She has put in all that time, effort and money towards sculpting a beautiful body, ready to put on the bikini and have a fun holiday with her boyfriend at the beaches in Florida

Initially, I was really perplexed. Why are Americans THIS excited about a trip to the beach? Why would anyone be investing so much for a holiday? Mention the keywords Florida or beach to any American and they will all be very excited to talk it. It’s one of the hottest topics for the past few weeks, counting down to spring break.

I grew up on a sunny island and have summer-like temperatures (90 degrees all-year long) for 365 days. I’ve been to numerous beaches in my life, from those facing the Andaman Sea, to those facing the Pacific Ocean. The sound of the waves never fail to calm the soul and heal the broken hearted but they never really fascinate me the way that most Americans are obsessed about it.

This was Gabbi last year during her trip to Mexico!!
Upon more probing was I surprised to find out that there is very little chances for most mid-western Americans to even see a beach. Gabbi had only been at the beach for about five times and she loved being with the sun, sand and sea. It’s an entirely different place with weather that’s poles apart from the dreary weather here in Missouri

Having a bright and sunny day over here in Missouri is more of a blessing than something that is taken for granted. Gabbi made me become more aware of the little things in life that I never critically thought about for the last 20 years of my life staying near the equator: the sun, the beach, the sea breeze and the amazing forces of Mother Nature that was bestowed upon us. We never needed to fantasize about lying down on the beach in the sun because the beach is only a bus ride away from my house.

I find it quite ironic that at one part of the world, people crave to experience snowy weather while simultaneously, on another part of the world, people hope that the sun to shine upon them.

Somehow, as human beings, we all desire for things that are beyond our reach and forgetting to cherish what we have at hand.


11 thoughts on “Gabrielle Sayle: Surf and sweat

  1. God is fair. Missouri has four seasons! So Missourians get to experience the amazing change in tree colours, flowers, grass – life and death of nature. 🙂

    Anyway Gabbi was really really committed to her weight-loss regime! She never does snack at night, even though i tempt her with all my junk food.

    And she wakes up early like 6 or 7am to work out at the gym too. This is something i can never do.

    Gabbi — come and visit me in Singapore, i’ll take you to the sandy beaches of Sentosa! 😀

    1. I’m impressed by Gabbi’s determination too! It was one of my first time that I’ve seen somehow go on such a strict diet

  2. “I find it quite ironic that at one part of the world, people crave to experience snowy weather while simultaneously, on another part of the world, people hope that the sun to shine upon them.”

    oh yes! i am definitely one of them who wants to experience the coldddd SNOWY weather. and, your post sets me wondering when was the last time i went to a beach? oh my~~ i want to see the blue blue sky, feel the wind and build sandcastles!

    1. Joc, go to the beach right now! You know what, we can always go cycling by the beach when i get back in summer!

  3. I quite appreciate the way that people do a little difference to color their life.

    Life can be boring at times. You live according to certain routines, and then accumulate the feelings of repetition. But when you start to do things differently, even can be regarded as “positive manipulation”, then life is of much fun.

    It gives something to hope for, to work on.

  4. Hello Gerund! “Slimy” sounds like ‘slimey’ which is wrong! You are probably going to say ‘slim’.

    Hello Gabrielle (if you do read the comments), feel free to come to Singapore if you love the sun so much. You are bound to get a tan in an afternoon on a beach =) There are plenty of beaches for you to choose from too.

    This post just really shows the insatiable appetite of Man. We crave for the Forbidden fruit and when it is in our hands we tend to lose interest in it soon.

    1. Ah… Gabbi’s soaking up the sunshine at Panama City beach now. She’ll not respond to your comments. Haha

    2. Hello, Xinyi. I wonder why JY and you are so alike. Both of you are keen on correcting MY MISTAKE .. faint hahaha

      German and I will watch Hong Kong Seven again. YEAAA

  5. For people who seldom go to beach it’s a big deal for them ! it’s just like me going to ‘worship’ in manchester old trafford – need to remember the songs for every player, prepare the scarf. Yes in front of fantasies, people are just crazy.

    1. Ahhh… I wanna visit Old Trafford too! I think it will simply blow my mind away.

      But I’ve never seriously thought that people will wanna go to the beach THIS MUCH.

  6. I am amazed at how she desperately treasures her trip to the beach. It’s like a lifetime experience and she has to prepare for her slimy body and show off with sexyyyy bikinis.

    People tend to be irrational at times for their fantasies. I remember when I was a kid I used to crave for dragonball cards. I knew I had no ways to get them without asking for a few dollars of pocket money. They may not be recognized by anyone around, but no one can revoke the idea that the cards were my precious.

    Perhaps we treasure what we have not only because we like it, but also we put effort in it, which makes it so valuable.

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