Internship: So far, so good

Oh yes, that's me in the puppet museum. Surreal experience to be with the puppets that look so creepy
So currently, I’m going into my 4th week at Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, interning at a daily newspaper called The Jakarta Globe.

Given that
1. I do not speak Bahasa Indonesia, the first language of this country
2. I am not an Indonesia, therefore, understanding local politics is as hard as trying to sprout some latin words out of my mouth, since this country does have a very corrupted and complicated bureaucratic network.

As such, I’m currently working on the features desk, and for the first time, attempting to write 600-1000 word long articles.

Honestly, I’ve been enjoying myself very much, keeping myself busy with the daily dosage of churning out articles and learning about this place. I have to admit that Indonesia’s a country that is so near to where I was born and bred but had never traveled here before.

Alright, a couple of links to the stories that I’ve done so far and hope you’ll all enjoy reading it!

1. Jakarta Fair: Story that made it to the cover page of the Life & Times section on Monday, June 14

2. Exhibition of an Indonesian artist who salvaged his soul through drawing: Story published on Saturday, June 11

3. Art exhibition titled ‘Cheese’: Story published on Saturday, June 4

Wayang or shadow puppet as it's known in English. An invaluable cultural treasure of Indonesia that can be quite freaky at times!

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