Book review: The Devil’s Star

Title: The Devil’s Star
Author: Jo Nesbø

I am personally very upset whenever I read that Jo Nesbø, Norwegian author for The Devil’s Star has once again been called “The next Steig Larsson.” Apart from the fact that both are Scandanavian thriller writers, the latter famed for penning The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, such comparisons are incessantly unnecessary and inaccurate because Nesbø’s writing is honestly one class of its own, distinct and unique to his style.

However, I do admit that because of this same hype surrounding him as the next promising star that I got started on The Devil’s Star. With a serial killer on the loose who amputates human parts and leaves a red five-pointed diamond with his victims, Detective Harry Hole was dragged into the case begrudgingly. Simultaneously, he was also obsessed about nailing a clearly clean and influential fellow detective of being a double agent. With multiple plots interlaced with one another and cleverly weaved into the main story plot, it could at times be confusing to follow Nesbø’s train of thoughts but also makes this an intriguing brutal criminal masterpiece.

For one, I love how the main protagonist Harry Hole was well-developed throughout the story as an unconventional and maverick police detective you would not feel safe leaving national security in his hands. He charms us with his imperfectly perfect character that is stubborn but principled in his beliefs and ways. As he struggles with his alcoholism, tumultuous love relationship and ghosts from the past, it is likely readers would find resonance with his shortcomings as personal reflection of fragments of their lives.

It is only a pity that this book is translated into English since some of its original meanings are lost in the process which explains for the dry, wry humor that fail to tickle my funny bone. Nonetheless, with its intelligent, action-packed and bloody plot, this is one crime fiction book to swoon head over heels and keep asking for more.

For more about Jo Jo Nesbø, do visit his official site for latest updates.

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