What I am currently reading

In my bid to reconnect with the whimsical and capricious side within me, I am going to re-read Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being for the second time after just one week I completed it.

The very first time I read the book around three years ago, it was as if my heart was filled with many stones, exceptionally heavy and sad, like our existence on earth that will at times crush us flat on the ground but paradoxically splendidly light at other times. This sense of melancholy that it almost schizophrenic still lingers around my mind whenever I think about this book.

“The Unbearable Lightness of being” is for myself a classic that I would never go out of date or get tired of. To use the old Indian adage about the blind men and the elephant, standing at different positions, the blind men touched different sides of the same elephant, each proclaiming a different description of the animal. Reading this book at different stages in life will also render some new insights never realized before.

And I love the fact that this book is peppered with dichotomies that are absolutely ironic in the way they are juxtaposed in various situations but serve as flash points for mulling over bigger questions in life, questions that you would end up thinking in circles with no end in sight.

Ah, nothing beats having such a good book in hand to make you feel depressed once in a while. Will be back with a review of the book!


2 thoughts on “What I am currently reading

  1. In my very literary uninformed self, this book sounds somewhat familiar. a quick Google and it seems like something interesting. and only £5 on amazon 😉 might give it a shot.

    1. Hurrah to your good choice! Will recommend that you read it when you want to feel depressed or recover from a bout of depressive state. Very good antidote for it.

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