And thereby I conclude… [pics]

I was invited to my friend, Jocelin’s, convocation ceremony to be her ‘official photographer’ and also witness an important turning point where she officially closes one door and open another. So I thought I will share an amazing commencement speech Steve Jobs gave to Standford graduate students in 2005.

Here is a main summary of his speech:

  • It is not possible to know if you are making the right decisions or doing the right thing now. So have faith in what you are doing at the moment.
  • Great work is to love what you do. Keep finding it if you have not.
  • Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Have the courage to live your life like it would be your last.

Watch the video here:

Or read the full text here
[Pictures ahead]

Convocation ceremonies are usually far from interesting, given the long queue of restless students waiting for their one-minute of glory, to stand on stage and receive their degrees. But proud parents and loved ones still turned up in throngs to witness this another milestone in the growing-up process of the graduates. I was just glad that I was there too, to be part of this amazing transformation and to also reflect about how time has literally flew past in the blink of an eye.

To all those who just graduated, remember your ideals and dreams. Live up to them when you can.
To all those who are still finding for jobs, just like myself, it is a long and laborious process that we are all frustrated with but you are not alone, and the day will come when we will find THAT job.
To all young adults, good luck and best wishes for your future endeavors. C’est la vie my friends.


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