Everything Kindle: Amazon’s latest Kindle offering and a DIY Kindle cover

(There will be two parts to this post all about the Amazon Kindle as you can see in the title, so keep reading till the end)

As I have mentioned before, I am an avid Kindle user who first received this e-reader as a gift from was a gift about a year and a half ago. Even up till today, I am still willing to say that the Kindle is one of the best technology gadgets that has significantly improved the quality of my life.

So two days ago when Amazon released its latest Kindle models, I went totally gaga over the new collection. Most of the online hype focused on the Kindle Fire, where many outlets, including CNN, TechCrunch and Mashable, exhorted it as the competitor to rival Apple’s stronghold on tablet computers.

But being more of a hard-core book lover, I was more excited about the newer version of Kindle e-readers instead. Tech geek website TechCrunch filmed this introductory video about the latest Kindle Touch during Amazon’s news conference.

Whilst retaining its signature e-Ink display, which I rave about all the time, the new Kindle will have a touch screen while doing away with the QWERTY keyboard, making it lighter and smaller device as compared to previous versions. Battery life still stays on for at least a month, a Kindle feature that I value most because it saves me the hassle of re-charging regularly.

But what essentially sent me going ballistic is that prices for the new products are much cheaper than before. I bought my Kindle for $139 but the new 6″ readers go as low as $79, though the catch there is that ads would pop up whenever the reader goes into the screensaver mode.

Overall, I do think the design definitely looks much sleeker and edgier than before, which appropriately responded to the various criticisms about its archaic and boring appearance since inception. Yet my greatest wish now will be for Amazon to deliver its services and products worldwide because I have mentioned in my previous blogpost Amazon only recognizes postal and credit billing addresses in a limited number of countries, which can be frustrating if you are living in those areas.

In the second half of this post, I would like share a DIY project I discovered recently on make a Kindle cover.
My Kindle, as seen from the picture on the left, still looks pretty much like how it was when it arrived in my mail, no fancy covers or colorful decals that most people would use to protect their e-reader. The only thing I use to shield it from external shocks is a blue flimsy nylon pouch so as to throw it into my bag without scratching the screen.

I have long wanted to buy a cover to provide a tad more protection and also something fancier to make my reader somewhat a statement piece when I take it out to read on the train. So I have kept a look out for them on Amazon, which not only charges a hefty price, starting from US$29.99 not inclusive of shipping, but also the designs were lackluster.

When I found an Instructables webpage that teaches users how to create your own Kindle cover, I was certainly impressed because the instructions were meticulously documented supplemented with pictures and videos, making the whole process crisp clear and less complicated than what I would imagine it to be.

Credits to "Raeyeth" on Instructables
The best part for me is that the final product is customized and personalized to my own taste and liking, made very simply from scratch using recycled materials such as the shell of a used hardback book cover and cereal boxes.

Since this is a great find, I thought I might want to share with people. Hopefully when I finally do get my hands down to making it, I would definitely post pictures of my own Kindle cover, so do keep a look out for it!

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