I am attending Singapore Writers Festival!

I am officially attending about attending the 14th Singapore Writers Festival, which will be held from October 22 to 30.

In case if you are not aware of what this event might be, here is a short summary from the organizers:

“The annual festival presents some of the world’s major literary talents to Singaporeans, as well as promoting new and emerging Singaporean and Asian writing to an international audience.”

After assessing my personal and work schedules, I realize that even though this is a nine-day event, I will only be able to attend the sessions on October 23, missing the likes of “Freakonomics” author Steven Levitt and Pulitzer-prize winner Michael Chabon, which is a pity.

But because this is my first time attending such an event, I am certainly excited about having the chance to meet other people who are equally in love with reading and writing and also to pick up some writing tips along the way.

So here are the events that have caught my eye and might be attending:

Politics and Society: Is the Pen Always Mightier?
Given the power of the written word to move hearts, change perspectives and galvanise people, what responsibilities should authors have in their craft? What are the limitations of words and language? Find out more about the interplay between politics and society, as these three authors reference politics in their countries and the role they play in its intellectual life. Respected editor and academic Cherian George moderates.

Meet the author: Randy Taguchi
Randy Taguchi, a popular Japanese novelist and blogger, will offer her opinions on how Japan made the nuclear choice. At this session, you will also get the chance to ask her about her bestselling books, as well as her thoughts about literature and technology.

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Getting Lost: The Sly Art of Travel Writing
How do we transform our exotic journeys into something more than just a Facebook post or blog entry? Find out how travel writers think, and what elements of their writing, in their opinion, truly excite a reader. These seasoned globetrotters will share with you what’s most important and what they look out for as they observe and write about what they are experiencing on the road.

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Drooling over Food Porn: How to Write Deliciously
Singaporeans take their food very seriously and this extends to writing about food. Of course, food reviews with all their lip-smacking adjectives can inspire readers to try new recipes and restaurants. But there is more to food writing than that, surely? Singapore food guru and well-known food reviewer, K.F. Seetoh, leads this panel of food writers in a scrumptious discussion.

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Meet the author: Julian Baggini
Popular British philosopher and author, Julian Baggini, will explore at this session what makes the good life. Discover how literature and philosophy get intertwined, as he talks us through other books he has penned, including The Duck That Won the Lottery: And 99 Other Bad Arguments (2008) and The Ego Trick: What Does It Mean To Be You? (2011).

Be rest assured guys, I would definitely blog more about it after the event and share my experiences there!


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