The making of my Kindle cover

As mentioned in my previous post, I have have been wanting to make my own Kindle cover and last week, I set my heart on it and got my hands dirty.

Surprisingly, it only took an afternoon’s worth of effort, making it a relatively enjoyable project I must say. Moreover, the steps are simple, straightforward and most importantly, affordable. Altogether, I spent less than $5 on buying the materials I needed. So here is a quick look at the final product: If you are interested in how I did it, do continue reading! [Pics ahead]

Materials used:
Hard book cover
Old skirt about to be discarded
Elastic bands
Glue gun/hot-melt adhesive

1. Pick any fabric of your liking. My sister was about to throw this skirt away and so I took it, shred it up into pieces and breathe a new life into this beautiful fabric.

2. Take your hardback book and carefully tear the pages of the book out. We will only need the cover itself.

3. After wrapping the front of the cover tightly with the fabric, I glued a layer of sponge on the inside of the cover so as to give more protection to the reader.

4. Wrap the fabric tightly around the sponge. The key to keeping your cover neat and tidy is to tuck the corners of the fabric at an angle. I cut the squarish corner up into two parts and pulled them in real tight at an angle. To make it last longer, I also sewed the seams up.

5. Lastly, attach elastic bands to hold on to the Kindle.

I am really pleased with the end product and would say this is certainly one of my tiny indulgences in life that makes me terribly satisfied.

Maybe it is time for you to try make something too! (:

8 thoughts on “The making of my Kindle cover

    1. I’m glad you remembered the skirt that we bought together! Are you still wearing it or has it went down the rubbish chute?

      In any case, the prints on the skirt makes an absolutely lovely cover don’t you think so?

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