My reading diet

I have always enjoyed reading, where I would browse through everything from little pamphlets to bulky fiction books, though I must admit I am a little finicky and picky about the genre when it comes to more time-consuming materials.

The bulk of my reading diet is based mainly on daily news sources and fiction books. Both of them used to exist in physical paper copies but have most recently been replaced by electronic copies that I read off my electronic devices.

News for me is a personal interest and also my job. As a result, I do have a regular reading digest to stay on top of the deluge of news which I would use Twitter as a platform to help me aggregates bits of information that is important and trending around the world. So if you are currently not on Twitter or are averse to using it, I would definitely say you are losing out on using an absolutely useful tool!

There said, I have recently been enjoying information from blogs and podcasts.

Even though I have been blogging for some time, I have rarely derived much joy from reading other people’s blogs, partially because my attention span for online sites are terribly limited such that my eyes cannot stop wandering and would naturally gravitate towards anything colorful and pictorial.

Yet if chosen well, blogs can be wonderful reads for they not only give a personal voice to particular topics, but also foray into areas that are of lesser interest to mainstream media. Blogs that I regular visit include rants about daily lives, fashion, food, socially conscious movements, economics and even philosophical-themed ones that really add on much color to my overall information digest and also inspire my next blog posts.

Two blogs that I would personally recommend have different themes to them, the first being Holstee, which is made up of a team of socially conscious individuals “seeking some of the most beautiful and innovative sustainable designs and sharing them with their community though their video reviews, newsletter and shop.” If you have not seen the Holstee Manifesto (pictured left), then you are not thinking hard about the meaning of life.

Another blog that I enjoy reading would be writer Sam Harris’ personal blog, where he delves into interesting thoughts about reason, morality and metaphysics-related questions. For instance, in one of his posts, he discussed about his fear for public speaking and gives tips on how to overcome this problem. His articles are suitable when you crave for a serious read which are not easy to digest but certainly thought provoking.

As for podcasts, my all-time favorite would have to be NPR’s Planet Money podcasts. I am a relatively new convert to podcasts, having been introduced to it by a friend who loves listening to radio stories. Honestly, I am a very bad listener because my brains think only when I see it with my eyes rather than hear it with my ears. So I find it excruciatingly difficult to concentrate and conduct any meaningful thought process through listening.

As such, I have found my newfound podcasting habit rather therapeutic, where I would spend a few minutes channeling my focus to listen and suss out the information going through my ears. I picture it in terms of the ancient Hindu concept of re-directing my chakra to transmit energy from my ears, which can be a liberating experience because to actually concentrate in our highly distracting world helps reduce a lot of mental clutter.

Do you have any interesting blogs or podcasts to share with me? Do leave them in the comment box below.


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