Kindle singles: Bite-sized chunks of good stuff

Sorry everyone for this week’s hiatus because I am going out of town this weekend and as such, I have been absolutely swarmed with work and bogged by the little nitty gritty pre-travel issues.

Nonetheless, I am still terribly excited to share with everyone a wee bit about my next post, which is going to be about the best book I have read in 2011. Yes, it is that good and I absolutely ADORE reading it, which is why it I am taking some time to write about it but I promise, it is going to be out next week.

So for this post, I am introducing Kindle singles. In case if you have not heard about Kindle singles before, it is basically an essay or a short story, instead of a full-length novel usually sold on Amazon. I have tried reading two singles before and found that the overall reading experience is rather different from traditional books.

Foremost, each Kindle single cost between US$0 and US$4.99, which is really affordable and value for money. Moreover, there is also a wide range of genre to choose from the few hundreds Kindle singles currently available, which includes fiction and non-fiction and has topics from politics to romantic novels.

The two non-fiction books I have read are “Lying” by Sam Harris and “Media Makeover: Improving the News One Click at a Time,” by Alisa Miller.

Being of shorter length means these singles are no-frills, straight to the point type of narrative. They are very similar to the speeches made by presenters during a lecture, often having a point to make and they tend to be argumentative in nature.

Kindle singles are rather appropriate as an interstitial particularly after reading a heavy or lengthy book, giving me a short reprieve from all the excitement and action that could at times be taxing on the mind.

I tend to have a much shorter attention span for non-fiction books because they tend to discuss very focused topics that I might not be that interested in. As such, browsing through a Kindle single is the perfect bite-sized portion.

For instance, in “Media Makeover,” Miller suggests to us how to be better consumers of news, which is increasing overwhelming our daily lives as communication technology improves substantially. Naturally, most people would not be interested to sit down and read a thick literature about media literacy, therefore, the Kindle single format makes such topics much more digestible and palatable.

I personally think Kindle singles are a wonderful alternative for busy people who cannot devote too much time and effort to reading at great lengths. Try it if you have not!


8 thoughts on “Kindle singles: Bite-sized chunks of good stuff

    1. Didn’t know that Kindle singles are not listed individually on the UK site! Glad that you’ve found them though because there’re quite a number of up-and-coming authors who choose to publish their works as singles that are worth a read! Do drop me recommendations should you come across great ones!

  1. Hi, Jie Yi See, it’s me again – Alison Wong. I love KINDLE! I have one too and only because it was USD99 and shipped to HK – just got it JAN this year.The HK Book Fair (18-24 July 2012) is hosting a section on e-readers and software & e-books this year and I am going to investigate and salivate. As Cicero says, ‘A room without books, is like a body without a soul.’ In my case, KINDLE is MY LIBRARY I can carry with me, though of course I still cherish paper books. I’d love to share some of the book fair stuff with you.

    1. Hey Alison,

      It sounds like you’re totally digging into your Kindle reader. It is certainly quite a liberating experience in my opinion once you realize that you can enjoy massively thick books like Haruki Murakami’s IQ84 and carry them around without a flinch thanks to ebooks!

      I do have a few posts recommending Kindle singles I have read and thought would be worth your dime, effort and time, with each one no more than 3 to 4 US dollars. They’re under the ‘Kindle’ section at the top bar, so do check them out if you’re interested.

      Would totally love to hear your book fair findings two months later and hear from the experts in the industry some latest developments. Do keep me updated!

      1. Hi Yi see,
        Sure thing! I’m planning to check out the Sony -e-reader but still prefer amazon kindle because of the volume of books and genres. I wish I could get hold of Amazon Fire without credit card restrictions and app restrictions in HK. Anyway, I will check out the Kindle singles – for the love of reading and writing! By the way, I have Alain de Botton’s “Religion for Atheists.” Haven’t finished reading it yet as it’s among a list of books on my Kindle that are doing my weekly eclectic reading route. Thanks to your blog I’ve found books that are not available to browse in HK bookshops and difficult to fish for in – oh, heaven… Love your blog!

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