What December means to me

Merry Christmas folks and hope everyone is enjoying yourself!

During this festive season, I just thought I should share with everyone three things about what Christmas typically means for me since I am not religious

1. Hot weather. No snow, just rain
If Christmas is about bundling up in warm fuzzy clothing and cold, snowy weather for you, then you are in for a rude shock because Christmas is sweltering affair. Nope, I am not living down under but on a tropical island where weather every day is the same as yesterday and the day before. Nonetheless, I am definitely enjoying the rainy period now, a short reprieve from the usually hot and sticky weather, when the temperature drops insignificantly by a degree or two

2. Meeting up with friends, not Santa
Christmas is the season for meet-ups and gatherings because everyone is in the holiday mood = less work and more play. So Christmas for me is a lot more about parties, food, drinks and good company.

3. Year in review
The last point is what happens when most people gradually grow older and wiser. We think back the past 11 months, suck in our breath and gasped in bewilderment, “How did time fly by so quickly this year?” or other similar thoughts. I get reminded a lot that the year is coming to an end particularly when news agencies start publishing their “best of 2011 series.”

So here are some of my personal favorites, apart from the all-time classic TIME magazine’s Person of the Year list (Click on the banner to enter site)

Ending off my post with a stellar holiday music, in fact, one of the finest Christmas version I have heard in quite a while.



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