Book review: Words fail me [PICS]

Over Christmas, I received a book during a gift exchange session with my mates and I am absolutely in love with it.

The book is titled “Words Fail Me” by Teresa Monachino and is the type of book I would confess to rarely buying for myself because it is such a dainty piece of art work (which you would see later) I cannot bear to own one myself if that makes sense. It is one of those things that are too pretty to have it.

Here are the front (L) and back covers for the book…

So when I was presented with the gift, I was over the moon. This book is a marriage of two of my favorites namely words and arts, more precisely, the art of typography.

A tough grammatical terminology is explained using a bold statement piece:

Whilst antagonyms are visually represented:

The minimalistic approach of the author coupled with unique conceptualization and crafting of words is a definite winner for me.

Thank you so much XY (L) for such an amazing gift. It is very much loved! Do find her on twitter or contact her for any visual graphics/design projects at


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