A BIG thank you!

A massive, massive thank you to WordPress for featuring my blog on the Freshly Pressed page starting January 12.

It was a huge surprise for me to wake up and realize that I was flooded with a deluge of comments, likes and new subscribers to my blog. It was at first a little overwhelming but I must say that I am over the moon because this honor is a significant milestone for me and my blog.

A big shout out to everyone who has read, left a comment or subscribed to my blog. Thank you so much for your support. More interesting posts are in the making and coming up in the days ahead!

Ending off on a high note with this mesmerizing albeit crazy video about books!


3 thoughts on “A BIG thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you enjoyed reading through my entries! The video is really fascinating and a massive project I could imagine. Hope you’ll drop by some time again

  1. Jie Yi … I absolutely love your blogs. Congrats on being featured on Freshly Pressed … much deserved for very inspiring work for someone wanting to start her own, so thank you! Your fantastic video shows off the energy, imagination, passion, fun — and so much more — that live in books. It reminded me of an episode in the classic TV series, The Twilight Zone, written by Rod Serling, which explores the 5th dimension … anyway, all of the toys come to life after hours … http://tv.blinkx.com/show/the-twilight-zone/1t0B8UTF6s_wXXe1

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