Book review: Hostile Witness

For those on a tight budget but still on the hunt for a great read, Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster might just be what you are looking for.

Priced at zero dollars on, it is effectively a free book that you can legitimately download.

Unlike many freebies on the site, the whole copy of Hostile Witness is available at entirely no cost with no additional frills.

But do not be too quick to write off the book just because it is free. As a legal thriller, the book’s content is refreshingly original and has hit the right notes to make it a great, entertaining novel.

Courtroom stories have the tendency to easily become stale because of the legal complexities and professional jargons involved within the judicial system, making this a major pitfall for many legal thriller writers.

Forster overcomes this problem through adding interesting human elements to create multiple layers and textures to the otherwise dry and wry background plot.

There is a frantic and seemingly over-protective mum trying to seek legal assistance for her troubled teenage daughter, who has been accused of arson and murder of her step-grandfather.

To add on to the drama, her step-grandfather also happens to be a popular California Supreme Court Justice, held in high esteem by people within the industry.

Taking up the mess would be our protagonist lawyer Josie Baylor-Bates, a former criminal-defense attorney still haunted by the shadows of a previous case.

With such rich and varied characters, the story ebbed and flowed with the unveiling of various dilemmas faced by different individuals but not losing sight of building up the overall suspense of the main story.

Additional kudos to Forster for exploring the ugly contortions within the judicial system, which involves money, backroom politics and negotiations that often precedes fairness, a concept our laws are purported to uphold.

Hostile Witness was definitely a page-turner for me, though the ‘unexpected’ twist at the end of the story was over the top and feels like a blip in the smooth flow of the plot.

My overall verdict? This book is a steal too good to be true, so go download it if you have yet to!


6 thoughts on “Book review: Hostile Witness

  1. That makes sense. I do give away a lot of free books myself, especially to organizations or magazines and such, in hopes of an interview and some future sales. I hadn’t thought of free ebooks yet. I enjoy your reviews. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments! Always a joy to know that your writings are appreciated. In any case, I am also absolutely loving your blog too, particularly the One More Day series that you’re writing. It’s just touching beyond words and am looking forward to part four coming out.

    1. Hey Ann Rae,
      Those were my exact sentiments because it seems almost unrealistic for writers to be giving away free books. Hostile Witness is the first of the series of thriller from Rebecca Forster, the rest are all paid content. So I’m guessing a free first book is little treat to entice readers back for the rest of her series.

  2. That’s sounds like a good recommendation. I’ll be heading over to amazon to download Hostile Witness and give it a try. I’ve gotten quite a few good reads for free from Amazon for the Kindle. Overall, I would say I’ve been please about 50% of the time. I figure that’s a great ratio for free.

    1. Hey Alicia,
      Pretty sure you’ll be quite pleased with this novel. The quality of the content was above my expectation, which certainly took me by surprise and I hope it’ll surpass yours as well!

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