It’s my birthday!

It is my birthday today and this post will celebrate all the wonderful people and things that have happened over the past years.

2011 was a total blitz. I graduated from college, went on an unforgettable grad trip, did a painful u-turn in my decision, shifted home and landed myself an amazing job.

Thank you everyone who have celebrated my birthday with me in the past few years. Even if you are not here with me to celebrate it today, you are definitely MISSED!

2009: It was perhaps fashionable to carry strange buns in our hands. Birthday spent in the dorm's pantry!

2010: Ice-cream cake even though it was snowing real hard outside. Pardon the unsightly tongue sticking out!

2010: Night out with beer, grub and good company. What's more to ask for?

Three years of spending it abroad, this year I am gratefully back home and celebrating my birthday in…… the office. (You heard me right, story of my life.)

Nonetheless, thank you Desmond and Gary for graciously buying the hard but still delicious brownie this morning.

And to everyone who remembered, thank you all for the nice thoughts and wishes!

8 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Hey my dearest friend, send my biggest hug to you:) As see the amazing pix taken from 3 years ago! it’s almost 3 years!! and yes, you are really a great friend i met in life, cheers for you! love, cherry

    1. Thank you Cherry! Can’t believe that picture was actually taken THAT long ago! Would tell you the next time I’m back and we definitely have to catch up (:

  2. I spent a lot of time in March making quite a bit of noise over my birthday, so when I saw the title of our post I had to stop by and say that I hope not only your day was special, but that this year will be filled with many wonderful memories and opportunities. Happy Birthday. Debra

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