Poetry magazine: Indulging in rhyming words

Lately, I have been addicted to the public library with its vast and varied collection of books. Just last week alone, I visited the library twice, each time breathing in the papery smells and feeling the rustle of the pages.

Having picked up seven books, of which I have read two, they have left me enthralled and rubbing my hands in glee.

One of them is ‘Poetry,’ a monthly publication by the Poetry Foundation, which even though is dated a year ago, left a deep-lasting impression on me.

As a niche publication featuring only poems, it covers a wide range of topics from love to food, some humorous, while others are touching.

I love silently reading them out under my breath, peaking and ebbing my intonations with the stanzas, while pretending that I am singing melodious tune.

So here are a couple of snapshots from the magazine, published 15,000 km away in Chicago but savored by me on a sunny island!

I have seen, more than most average people, a great deal of photo captions. But this is probably one of the first time that I have ever encountered such beautiful words to go with a picture. Photograph and text by Thomas Sayers Ellis.

Food and words. Match make in heaven. By Ange Mlinko

One of favorite poem from this edition by David St. John

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