August poetry [PICS]

In the month of August, I joined in an online mailing list project where participants write new poems to one another on a postcard on a daily basis.

It was a very similar idea to, a site where people can receive postcards from all over the world for free, except with a literary twist.

Such a concept drew me in almost instantaneously for the idea of exchanging poetry interests with pen pals through snail mail added a sheen of old school touch that excited me a lot.

And it surely got me firing, preoccupying a lot of my thought processes where I would randomly dish out my pen and notebook whenever an idea struck.

Poetry became the language of the month, where I was constantly finding the most concise vocabulary in postcard-length stanzas to express the widest range of emotions. It turned out to be more difficult than expected but was a challenge worthy of my time.

Admittedly, I was also ridiculously happy when I received cards from fellow mailing list participants and complete strangers. A co-worker tried explaining the ‘happy effect’ saying that, “It feels so nice that for a moment, someone was thinking of you enough to write!”

I cannot deny it was a lot of hassle to be on a regular lookout for nice postcards and to pay visits to the post office in this digital era but is undeniably part of the overall experience.

Below are some snapshots of the best few poems I have written, with addresses blurred to protect the privacy of all participants.

Do give me your feedback on what you thought of the poems. If you are aware of similar poetry mailing lists or ongoing literary projects open for participation, do drop me a message!

P.S.: Please pardon my rather unruly handwriting. It has pretty much evolved to this state after experiencing the convenience of typing. (:


6 thoughts on “August poetry [PICS]

  1. This is fantastic! What a rewarding way to feel in touch with your roots, technologically and figuratively. Where do I sign up?

    1. Hey there! The mailing list is an annual project that is already closed since August has passed this year. But if you’re interested, you could join in next year’s project at

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