If music and prose be the food of love, play on

One of my recent online discoveries is this brilliant website called Literary Jukebox, a name so apt because it matches a passage from a book with a related song. I think it is a fantastic idea for the author would think of associations between our auditory and visual organs from two separate medium, then throw open the doors for readers to reinterpret them literally or conceptually.

I have always found it a joy to check back daily on the site for new songs, new text and new inspirations.

So below is my attempt at linking up a text with a song. Hope you guys would enjoy the read and music as much as I had selecting and pairing them up!

“That Louis, only twenty-eight but convinced of his advanced age and missed opportunites, had walked away from Richard and gotten on a train that turned out to be going to Madrid. It had seemed, at that time, a dramatic but temporary gesture, and as the train steamed along he’d been strangely, almost preternaturally content. He’d been free. Now he scarcely remembers his aimless days in Madrid…

What he remembers with perfect clarity is sitting on a train headed for Madrid feeling the sort of happiness he imagined spirits might feel, freed of their earthly bodies but still possessed of their essential selves.”

Michael Cunningham in “The Hours”
Music: “Slow” by Grouplove


4 thoughts on “If music and prose be the food of love, play on

  1. I love this idea! Personally, I’ve always found music to be a great source of influence, and it’s rare I’ll write something where I don’t have a soundtrack in my mind (usually the music I use when writing it, whatever it is). Hell, I’ve named enough stuff after songs…will have to check this site out.

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