Book review: Guns

GunsWhen bestselling author Stephen King released his short Kindle Single essay “Guns,” it instantly drew a myriad of responses both from the left and the right of the political spectrum, particularly in the aftermath of the last year’s tragic killings of an elementary school in Newtown.

After all that brouhaha, I was left a little disappointed because the book failed to provide any fresh insights on the issue. As a whole, it still makes for a very compelling piece by King who for the most part rehashed anti-gun arguments that have already been thrown around, albeit in a short and concise manner.

“The real question is hackneyed, but I suppose it has to be asked: How many have to die before we will give up these dangerous toys? Do the murders have to be in the mall where you shop? In our own neighborhood? In your own family?”

For King, gun problems in the U.S. are a result of American politics influenced by the all-too powerful and vilified lobbying group, the National Rifle Association (NRA), heavily mixed with vested corporate interests.

“Political discourse as it once existed in America has given way to useless screaming…We’re like drunks in a barroom. No one’s listening because everyone is too busy thinking about what they’re going to say next, and absolutely prove that the current speaker is so full of shit he squeaks.”

Stephen King (L) and Wayne LaPierre
Stephen King (L) and Wayne LaPierre

And King ironically contributes to this cacophony with his one-sided opinions. In response to NRA’s Vice President Wayne LaPierre claims that gun violence is a result of America’s ‘culture of violence,’ King dismissed it citing a lack of violent content in 2012 mainstream media’s most popular titles. Think Fifty Shades of Grey and Game of Thrones.

“Let me be frank: The idea that America exists in a culture of violence is bullshit. What America exists in is a culture of Kardashian.”

Although his tone could easily come across as passionate but I feel it sounded more condescending and angry than he really needs to be. You decide.

“Guys, gals, now hear this: No one wants to take away your hunt rifles. No one wants to take away your shotguns. No one wants to take away your automatic pistols, as long as said pistols hold no more than ten rounds.”

If you do not mind picking up a quick and sarcastic read on anti-gun laws by a famous author, well, this book should suffice.

Note: This entry is merely a book review and does not necessarily represent what I endorse with regards to gun regulation in the U.S.

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