Bookstore poetry

Poem in a bookstoreI walked into a book store one day and was pleasantly surprised to find sheets of paper hovering over my head. These paper that were printed with different original poems of varying lengths and presentation formats were hung from the ceiling and affixed into bookshelves. The titles are sewn on with red thread.

Such presentation of art and literature inside a bookstore added much color to my book browsing experience before I head over to the cafe next door to grab a cup of coffee. A wonderful leisurely afternoon I thought would be worth sharing with everyone here.

11 thoughts on “Bookstore poetry

  1. This sounds brilliant! Where is the bookshop in question?
    I would love to know – this is the sort of thing I do: putting poems in unexpected places, and presenting people with poems in usual ways. I think it helps to overcome the negative associations that people often have with poetry – that it’s ‘too difficult’ or ‘dull’ or ‘old-fashioned’ – none of which I agree with, of course!
    Here are some of the projects I’ve got going on at the moment:
    Thanks so much for posting this!

    1. Hey Katie,

      The bookstore’s in Singapore and they’re always coming up with little ways to surprise its patrons, which I always think are some lovely gestures to bring literature to the audience in a variety of approaches.

      Thank you for sharing your interesting website!! Hopefully I will get the chance to check out some of the works you guys are showcasing some time soon (:

      1. Thanks –

        It looks like such an amazing place! πŸ™‚

        We have a project coming up in the grounds of a castle. It’s in England, so I guess if you’re in Singapore it’s a bit far away! But we’ll have photos up later in July. Starting to get excited about it now! πŸ™‚

      2. Good luck with that project and would love to check pictures from the event! (:

  2. Totally awesome
    I’m not sure what’s cooler, the post or what’s written on the paper.

    Excellent find!

  3. That’s a neat idea! I always like when I check out a library book and I find a poem, a note, or an odd bookmark that someone has left behind.

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