Book review: Silver Linings Playbook [QUOTES]

The silver linings playbook

This post is dedicated to anyone out there facing an insurmountable mountain in your life, needing closure to a traumatic incident or fighting hard to keep on a grip with reality – You are not alone.

“The silver linings playbook” by Matthew Quick is a positively charged (and non self-help) book constantly urging readers to find the silver lining behind the dark clouds when riding through tough times. If you find the title familiar, this book was adapted and made into a Hollywood hit that won numerous top awards, including the best actress for lead character Jennifer Lawrence.

If you have not watched the movie, you should because it is pretty awesome, but the book is even better. Featuring Pat Peoples, who just checked out of a mental institution, the novel documents his struggles as he tries to reconcile his past and present lives.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the book and I hope you do find it as uplifting as it did for me:silver lining

Lie on back and relax

Happy endings


ball of flame final

16 thoughts on “Book review: Silver Linings Playbook [QUOTES]

  1. I also watched the movei first and loved it, then picked up the book and loves it more. Matthew Quick is great. I read his new fiction book, “The Good lUck of Right Now” which features a character whose mother dies. He has no idea how to cope, so he begins writing letters to Richard Gere, with whom his mother was obsessed. The whole book is written in letter format to Richard. If you liked Silver Linings PLaybook I would recomment G.L.O.R.N. I will soon be reading his other book, “Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock” as well.

  2. I’m reading the book right now! I watched the movie but wanted to see if the book was different. So far, I’m loving Matthew Quick’s writing style and I’m surprised at some of the changes the movie made in terms of characters (particularly Pat’s father!)

  3. Reblogged this on beinspiredbywords and commented:
    I just had to reblog this!! I shall be doing my own book review on this AS SOON AS I HAVE FINISHED READING IT. Cant’ wait! So far looking goooooood 🙂

  4. Love this! Guys I do book reviews and shall be reviewing this book once I have finished reading it! Follow my blog :

    Thank you!

  5. L’ha ribloggato su GINA-CHANe ha commentato:
    Bello questo libro. Capisco perché ci abbiano visto Forrest Gump in questa storia, l’ingenuità con cui guarda il mondo il protagonista di “L’orlo argenteo delle nuvole” è simile, per quanto molto diversi siano i loro caratteri. Nel complesso, è una lettura che consiglio.

  6. Your thoughts, the book better than the movie? There are a lot of books I wish I read before I saw the movie, just so I can see the words string together memorable scenes. Silence of the Lambs being one of them…but it’s all ruined since I know the ending =( . Great review!

  7. I loved this movie and found that it depicted different forms mental illness very well. Not from the clinical aspect but what’s going through my head during a panic attack. Had no idea it was a book so I’m def adding this to my list. Thanks for sharing!

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