Book haul and the Singapore Writers’ Festival

Book haul Nov
Let’s take a while to admire these beautiful book covers. My personal favorite will be the Eastern Heathens (C) that spots this intricate patterns and details all over its cover.

Hello everyone and sorry for my recent inactivity on this blog because I have been kept very busy for the past week with work, which has quite unfortunately also slowed down some of my reading plans. But I am very excited this upcoming weekend because I would finally have time to attend the talks and activities for the annual Singapore Writers’ Festival and I would definitely write a blog post on it, so stay tuned!

But before that, here is a post of a book haul (opsie!) I did recently since it has been a while I last bought actual copies rather than electronic versions of books.

Book haul Nov 21. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
An all-time anti-war American classic that I had to check it off my list

2. Eastern Heathens edited by Amanda Lee Koe + Ng Yi-Sheng
A collection of Asian folklore re-imagined and rewritten by Asian writers to fit into the 21st century context.

3. A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers by Xiaolu Guo
When language barriers fail to stop two strangers from falling in love, the complex relationship is explored in this novel.

I will be individually reviewing these novels in time to come but for latest updates, check out my Goodreads account. On a side note, I am getting really excited for the upcoming holiday season because I can almost smell it in the air that it is about time to wind down and relax~


9 thoughts on “Book haul and the Singapore Writers’ Festival

  1. Superb to see a blog with a dedicated book review section. Have just added a book reviews section on my own blog, and I must say it has helped my own writing no end analysing just what makes a book an enjoyable reading experience!

    1. Great to hear from someone about their own book reviewing experiences. The process of reviewing a book forces me to digest what I’ve read and think critically about what makes this writing better than others. Plus, I love sharing with everyone what’s been on my reading list (:

  2. I love Kurt Vonnegut and even his somewhat bizarre humor. I believe in Breakfast of Champions, his alluding to the male and female parts relative size. Known for his unusual way of communicating, he sometimes hits it out of the park. Like saying in Slaughterhouse Five, “why you, why us, why anything for that matter. There is no why, there just IS. We are like bugs trapped in Amber’.

    I also loved the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. There are beauty in words, even in sad times. Thanks for the book ideas and suggestions. Listening, learning is the fertilizer of our dreams.

    I am having trouble with the name of the movie but a veteran in Vietnam fell in love with a Vietnamese lady but eventually PTSD drove him insane. He committed suicide. Her two sons grew up in America while the rest of the family grew up in poverty.

    When she and the boys came to visit her brother was cruel, accusing her of abandoning their mother but her mother told her to go outside with her. She explained how happy she was and not resentful like the brother. The point is that with sadness can come happiness. I just lost a friend who died with ALS. I talked to his wife ‘Kim’ who married him while he was in Thailand. These are two beautiful and like John Lenin and Yoko Ono, they got each other and their artistry.

    Thanks again,

  3. (I’m so sorry that I hit the reblog button by mistake, while scrolling down my reader on my phone…)

    I just recently bought Slaughterhouse Five and so will look forward to your review (as well as that of the other two books). Have a great time at the festival! Very envious! I wish there were something like that where I live.

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