An ode to Kindle

My kindle
RIP Kindle.

You were my first Kindle, my first reading device I have ever owned and you liberated me from the weightiness of paper to free up my reading experience. Thank you for all the amazing, albeit bumpy times we had together through some long rough journeys where you introduced me to so many more fantastic worlds than I have ever imagined.

Adieu my friend. Those were some great memories we shared.

8 thoughts on “An ode to Kindle

  1. I actually prefer paper books. It just adds to the whole reading experience for me. Of course, kindles are also awesome, especially if you are going away.

  2. If it is impossible to repair, then I shall share your sorrow at the departure of your beloved device. Bidding farewell to a device that has been through thick and thin with us is difficult. I was greatly saddened when my first mobile phone was deemed dead as well.

    May you rest in peace, stranger device. I shall pray for you to be safely delivered to whatever afterlife awaits electronic devices.

  3. Too sad. I’ve fixed a couple of mine. I bought some iffy ones on ebay and used them for parts. I still have two just like yours. Good luck with a new one.

    1. Oh, my Kindle has reached its end of days I think because I can’t get it to start or to shut down, much less read anything on it. It’s been stuck on that screen for the past week.

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