Amazon Kindle Wonder

I confess that I am in love with my third-generation Amazon Kindle since I bought it last year and it has definitely revolutionized my reading experience.

So if you are hesitating and not knowing which e-reader to buy from amongst the smorgasbord of brands out in the market, particularly if you live in Singapore, I hope to pitch in some personal insights about the Kindle to help make up your mind.

Book lovers in Singapore would have long heard of raving reviews about the Kindle, but back then, Amazon did not support the sale of its e-books here. Starting this year, it is now possible for us in Singapore to purchase e-books directly off the Amazon website.
(Even till date, digital content from the Kindle cannot be directly bought with a Singapore registered credit card. It is recommended that you get the Amazon gift card to route your way around. Find out more detailed step-by-step information about how to do it here and here.)

Weighing less than 250g, the Kindle reader had definitely made reading on the go much more convenient. I would never take a flight, short or long haul, without bringing my Kindle on. Its size is compact enough to fit into most handbags while I was literally lugging around hundreds of books with me. Most importantly, its battery life is able to last for a month or two, depending on your usage, making the Kindle a rare breed amongst my pile of modern electronic appliances.
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