Review policies

I am open to reviewing books sent to me for consideration, having read a number of high-quality independently published titles that have impressed me. Personally, I am always honored when approached by authors/publishers/assistants, so feel free to send your novels or enquiries to, and I will try my best to reply within 2 days.

But before that, please read my review policies below:

1. All books sent to me will be read, but do give me up to 3 months to complete them because I have a personal list of books to read as well as a work schedule that varies from month to month.

2. There is no guarantee or promise of a review, much less a definite deadline for it will depend on how I feel about the book. However, if I am not going to be reviewing the book, I will drop an email to inform you about it.

3. All reviews on this blog represent my independent and personal opinions. There is no promise of a positive write-up or whatsoever.

If you do understand and are willing to accept the terms above, please send all requests to

3 thoughts on “Review policies

    1. Hi there,

      The email address I’ve provided ( is functional and I have been receiving emails for the past few days. You might want to try sending again.

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