2016, a new start


Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to you, you and you! I hope 2015 has been an eventful and fruitful year where you have tried to challenge yourself to do something meaningful. Here is me wishing you a beautiful year ahead.

I apologize for the long hiatus I took from this blog. I confess that I have unwittingly neglected this space since last publishing my post more than a year ago. My most sincere apologies to all writers/publishers who have tried to contact me or sent me their new books for review for I did not responded to most of the requests.

Late in 2014, I made a personal decision to pack my bag and cross the ocean to pursue my master’s degree. I was so caught up with adjusting to my new life and spending an inordinate amount of time poking my nose into a mountain of academic literature that I had no time on hand to be manning this space. But I am back in 2016 with more book reviews and literary bits and bobs, including trilogies from the Commandant Camille Verhoeven and Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series.

More new content will be popping up on this site in the next few days, so stay tuned. And as usual, leave in the comment box below if you have read any new books that you want to recommend to me or want me to review.


New year, new beginnings

2014Happy new year everyone!

To usher in new beginnings, I gave this blog a fresh new look with a different color scheme (am digging the turquoise green) and a more grid-like layout that shows up better on mobile devices.

Another noteworthy addition to share would be the new review policy page found on the left-hand column of the blog. If you are an author/publisher/publishing assistant and would like to contact me to review your book, please find more details in that post.

In this upcoming year, I am looking forward to read more extensively, produce more quality content and also to participate in more collaborations with other bloggers.

Hope 2013 has been a blast and here’s to a brand new 2014 ahead. Cheers!