Book map for the bookworm

Book Map
In this age and era, most of us do not really need a map in our lives since we can pull out an interactive one straight away on our smartphones.

But when I saw this gorgeous book map, I stopped and marvelled at it because contained within the labyrinth of streets and alleys, there are more than 600 literature titles packed into it. Doesn’t that already make this fictional work droolworthy? A Christmas gift idea for your bookworm friend perhaps?

Book Map 2

Book Map 3

The map can be bought online HERE.

19 thoughts on “Book map for the bookworm

  1. You have made your point. I think also cell phones have maps in them to help us locate a location we need to go to. My Dad has a cell phone that can use GPS inside it to find anyplace we need to go. Anyways, love the map!

  2. What a great map, thank you. I write fiction, read lots of books and one of my other favorite forms of reading is maps. But I’ve never found a map of books, so clever.

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